Join the June challenge

Welcome to the month of June. It’s a great month filled with a lot of activities that you can do outside. The kids are coming out of school. Summer is just around the corner. I decided to do something unique that would include my friends across my social network. We started their June water challenge for 30 days. 

It’s a great way to jumpstart your water intake. You are drinking 8-16 oz of water every two hours. If you are like me then you might have a 20 oz bottle where you can truly insure yourself that you are getting your gallon a water a day. I have encouraged my friends to purchase one of the bottles as it will keep you motivated through out the day. 

How did I do on the first day? I dranked 136 ounces of water aka 1 gallon. It was not hard given the fact I was already drinking 80 ounces a day or more. It’s a habit that has been with me for about a two years now. 

I am excited to see how our group does through out the month. I will be doing little motivational tips to keep them encourage on this journey. The June water challenge is outside of the activity they choose weather it’s walking, biking, kick boxing, or whatever form of exercise.

Drinking water has so many benefits. Benefits like: 

Would you like to join our  June Water challenge? It’s not to late just jump in and get to drinking and add your activity. 

Getting fit is a journey not an overnight success.

It’s been a minute since I have written in my fitness blog journey, but I am back. Well, a lot has happened in my life since the last time I blogged about fitness and my health journey. So where do I begin? 

Let’s start with the 5 mile power walk from our home in Naperville to the downtown Riverwalk on a beautiful day like yesterday with my daughter. It was a beautiful outside and a perfect day to take a good walk to get the body, mind, and spirit back into the zone.

Believe me when I say walking the hill coming home was a challenge but I made it! I slept like a baby. Getting outside to get some fresh air and good conversation with my daughter as we walked is always nice. 

Looking back at my journey, I have toned and sculpted my body frame. I realize this journey to getting a particular size is not going to happen over night. When you beat yourself up about not getting a certain size by a particular date,  you will meet failure or disappointment every time. I am pacing myself and I am finally in a happy place mentally and physically. 

My biggest problem over the last two years is stress eating and working a stressful job that is unnecessary stress.  We will talk more about this later but I want to be a testimony to someone that you can loose the weight and even tone your body to where it’s healthy. Look at me, I have eliminated high blood pressure, and pre-diabetes. 

Getting fit is a journey not an overnight success. It requires us to change our mindset about food, health, and our body. It’s a lifestyle change that will add years to your life. 

Have you realized getting healthy is a journey yet? 

Getting over life’s distractions

It’s been a minute since I posted on my health and fitness personal blog.  I had to get over a few life distractions since October.  Sometimes, we allow life events to over take us and this is something I am definitely going to need to work for 2016.  I have not gained any weight nor have I lost any weight which is so crazy.

I have accepted that life distractions will happen and I need to be able to roll with the punches.  Most important, I am human and that it is okay to get mad or even sad sometimes.  The distractions will either hender or make me work harder to not allow it to affect my health.

Meanwhile, discovered my mom has Diabetes so I did some family research and a few of her siblings were and are diabetic.  Along with several people that have high blood pressure and a history of heart attacks and strokes.  This is the family history information that I need to know so that I work hard to be at a healthy weight, watch what I eat, and recognize the signs and symptons.

I have been doing a lot of reading up and the family medical history is something that I can have control over and not allow it to have control over me.  Life is about living and enjoying life to it’s fullest.


I have fallen but I am getting up. 

It’s been a while since I have written a health and fitness journey blog!  I fell off my routine these last few weeks as life events and issues hit hard emotionally and physically. 

I know we all fall down and it’s good when we get up because we just dust ourselves off and start over. This time, emotionally I got mad at myself for even fallen off allowing life events to consume  and overwhelm me. 

It was not until last weekend that I looked at my circumstances and told myself that it’s okay to make mistakes just as long as you learn from it. I  forgave myself because I am not perfect. I fell down as I am human. So now I am getting up emotionally, spiritually, and financially to take charge and take back my position to reaching my goal and continue my lioness journey. It’s time to roar. 

I am getting back on track with a newly revised and realistic plan, better goals, and positive attitude.   I am no longer mad at myself that I didn’t reach my goal yet, but I will. Yet is the key word here. It’s crazy when we gain the weight quickly or so it seems that a part of our mindset expects us to drop the weight quickly.  

The life style changes that I learned to incorporate in my diet have been extremely beneficial to me. Why did I fall off and get angry? I have not gained any weight, but I have hit that Plato. My body got comfortable and use to the previous routines. Why is it after you complete working out with a trainer for 12 weeks  that you hit a Plato? 

I am back in positive mindset and trying new activities like Jazzercise, Zumba, and kickboxing. Now if this does not jumpstart getting off these last 25 pounds. I will be back to working with a trainer. I am going to keep doing the groups because it’s fun when there is someone else working toward similar goals. 

Have you hit a Plato? If so, what have you done to get past it? 

The Road blocks of Life-What do you do?

I have been gone for a few weeks but still working out. I have not gained any weight and I have not lost any weight. For me that’s not good because that means I am off my journey track to losing the weight and meeting my goal.

So what happened? Life happened and I allowed family issues to take control. I guess you can say it’s hard to walk away from your mama. I am not beating myself up about it either just re-structure, gained a new focus, and executing a new plan of life style change.

This lifestyle change incorporates new exercise routines, revised nutrition plan, and weekly goals. The weekly goals are not just weight loss and inches but they are spiritually and physically.
It’s still time to loose these last 25 pounds by December 15th. I know I can do it and it all starts with changing my mind set first. You have to accept change first before you can see change.  This is going to be a great week as I detox my mind, body, and spirit from my old job to my new direction and new opportunities.

This beautiful woman is up to something great. Getting my sexy and continue to strengthen my confidence and inner beauty so that it shines bright to inspire someone else to jump aboard the lifestyle to healthy and sexy bus.

Photo Credits: source Shape Magazine via Pinterest 

Some of my favorite trainers and their workouts 

Do you have a list of your favorite trainers that give great food tips and work out routines that you benefit from? I have a few that I love and I have incorporated their exercise routines into my routines to keep mixing it up so my body does not get comfortable.  They teach on DVD, YouTube, their website, or Facebook group that I share in my Fitness group on Facebook and Google+ pages. 

Here is my list of trainers that I just love their routines, daily motivation, and food tips: 

  1. Jeanett Jenkins-The Hollywood Trainer.
  2. Emily Skye 
  3. Dolvett Quince

These three are the best for me as they all give great tips, great exercises, motivation, and share video to show you how to do the routines. Best part, you can ask questions in their Facebook group or Google pages and they respond. I love trainers who engage with their customers about service they provide and their expertise to give you guidance and direction. 

I do subscribe to two fitness support pages that is run by fitness experts and trainers: 

  1. Black women loosing weight offers monthly challenges and post testimony with women who have lost significant large amounts bid weight over a year by working out and changing their eating habits.
  2. Fitness Republic is a health and wellness that provide great receipts, exercise tips, health tips, and resources for learning more about health and wellness.

Here are the links below to all of my favorites that have been keeping me informed, educated, inspired, and motivated to healthy living mind, body, and spirit. 

Fitness republic

Black Women Loosing Weight
Dolvette Quince
Jeanette Jenkins-The Hollywood Trainer
Emily Skye

Do you you have a favorite trainer or health and wellness? I feel like you need to have resources like these available to you so that you are learning, developing, and growing a healthy and wellness lifestyle. 

Photo credit source: Pinterest 

Has the summer been hard or easy with your fitness health?

Its been great summer so far and the nice part is I have not gained any weight and I am still loosing slowly.  Here is a little recap of my summer. June was frustrating as I started to make more changes in not just my life, but sat back and reflected to make career changes. With transpiring, I learned my mother and sister were diagnosed as diabetic. I was more concerned with my mother because she kept going in and out of emergency room at the hospital. This discovery made me want to learn more about the different types and how it can be prevented and reversed.

It’s always family health scare that makes you more aware of what it truly means to be healthy and fit.  Now, I feel like I am teaching my mom and sister how to care for themselves through healthy eating and light excise. I am not an nurse or doctor but I ask all the right questions. Given they are not the only ones in the family with Diabetes raised the question if this is genetic.   Photo credit source: Facebook via Jannette Jenkins

July rolled around and I celebrated my birthday before the 4th of July and I was very proud of myself because I didn’t over eat and I enjoyed my special day.  It’s was one of the hardest day to not over indulge. Portion control was going to be key for me. Even for me this was a struggle since it was my birthday with the sweets and drinks.  However, I did control my portion size and I had plenty of water which truly did help me!

A month of fireworks and celebration!

Photo source credits: Pinterest

Getting back on track

It’s been a crazy two weeks and I have been distracted with family issues. It’s been frustrating when your one of your family members is ill and one discovers they have cancer. So I have been is this mode of how that happened and being supportive. The one thing I have realized is I cannot allow other silliness to stop me from working out, but I didn’t best myself up about it.  I am very proud of myself because I use to be a stress eater and that didn’t happen this time. I was prouductive and ate healthy just didn’t make it to the gym.

Now I am in the mind set of getting back on track. After discovering my sister’s illiness it really does make you more health conscious and aware of what you can do to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, hear disease. I still have weight to get off and it’s the last 25 pounds that I am planning the loss over the next  five months. 

I am determined to get back on track with my fitness routines. I am adding more fruit and smoothies to my meals as well as veggies. It’s all about what you eat. The portion control is key. Now I will admit I did treat myself to a Andy’s frozen custard treat last week. It was delicious. Sometimes we deprived ourselves of such treats. 

Coming up with a new plan and new goals to get back on track.   
Photo credit source: Pinterest 

Quick fix diets are not resolution 

As summer approaches, I hear many of my co-workers and friends talk about these quick fix diets or crash diets so they can loose weight. Some of these diets are no sugar diet, cabbage diet, low carb diets, skinny diet, Andy blood type diet. 

Recently, I attended a nutrition lunch and learn and got some valuable information that was truly helpful.  Like planning your meals out for the week and each day. Keeping a food journal.  Photo credits: The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins  

Now he one thing the nutrition shared that I have heard it from my trainer is that, diet is short term. You want to make a lifestyle change that is long term. Look at getting healthy as a long term and lifestyle change that is permanent with benefits. These benefits are better sleep, better moods, harmony balance, healthier heart, lungs, reverse diabetes, lower blood pressure.

I remember it was two years ago, I was pre-hypertention, pre-diabetic, and doctors said that the swelling in my left gland in my heart was early detection of heart disease. I was petrified at the results and my doctors advise that I loose the weight and start making some lifestyle changes that will reverse the health issues I was having from being 60 pounds overweight. 

 Photo credits: courtesy of Fitness Republic

The struggle was real and it’s still a struggle each day as I push forward to reaching my goal. To be only 20 pounds away from my goal to a healthier weight is awesome. I set my goals and push each day. It’s the lifestyle change that I have made bit any of the quick diets. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried many but never got the results I have this last year. 

Quick diets are not the solution nor the answer to getting healthy and losing weight. It’s the lifestyle changes that make the difference. 

Keep movie and don’t focus on summer deadlines. Enjoy your summer and make life style changes that are long term not short term results with quick diets. 

 It’s time to build and nurture the most important relationship that depends on you! It’s your health.  Photo courtesy of Pinterest/Terri Guillemets 

Welcome to June-Getting my body ready for summer

Wow, can you believe we are in June? As I look around, there are so many offers for getting your bodies ready for summer in these intense workouts and training sessions. I have tried boot camp and if your not mentally ready it will be a battle and struggle.  

I joined a few fitness groups on Facebook that do monthly and weekly challenges. They help motivate and keep you accountable to your goals. Most important the challenges are fun and exciting because you are actually tracking what you do and how much water you take.  I am striving to tone, shape, and build muscle not to be perfect.   

Photo credits: via Pinterest

What I have been doing for the last two weeks is tracking my water and logging my exercise routines in mapmyrun. I am conditioning my body into running. I am not a runner, but I would love to train my body and mind that I am. So what I have been doing is power walk, jog, run intervals. It’s beautiful outside and to get outside and go to some of the awesome trails has been great.  My goal is to be running by the end of the summer. 

 I am still mixing it up with weights, strength, and cardio.  I am having fun because it’s a lifestyle change not a diet. No pressure just checking off my goals as I reach them each week.

I am still roaring like the lioness that I am and transforming my body into the sexiest I have ever been. Life is good when you are healthy, happy, and fit. 

Welcome to June. 

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